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Some ideas turned into reality

Techrules Ren

Innovative racing sports car, equipped with a new aeromilitary opening with a Triple “fighter plane” dome with tilting/shifting movement developed for one of our most important customer. Static show car with functioning lights and headlights and functioning electromechanical movements, this car was launched at the International Geneva Exhibition in 2017.

GFG Sibylla

GFG Sibylla GG 80, replica at the vehicle originally launched in Geneva 2017. A four-door luxury sedan, the car incorporates innovative solutions in terms of accessibility, functionality, and aesthetics. It revisits classic themes; it is elegant, with generous dimensions (over 5 metres long and 1.48 metres high).

FEM Analysis

Using the popular FEM method to numerically solving differential equations arising in engineering and mathematical modeling.

BMW Garmish

The BMW Group is taking the occasion of this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa D’Este to unveil the recreation of the BMW Garmisch, a classic concept car that was designed by Marcello Gandini for Bertone and vanished after its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 1970.

With the newly created car, BMW pays respect to one of Italy’s most influential car designers and adds an exciting chapter to the company’s history.

MX-81 Aria restoration

SuperStile’s specialized artisans have carried out of a conservative operation, to preserve the original materials as much as possible. The activity focused on the restoration of the paintwork, with a color equal to that of the time. The internal leather goods have been cleaned and the windows of the lights have been entirely recreated, restoring the correct functioning of the retractable headlights.

Train prototypes

We conceived and built some train prototypes by commission.

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